For Physicians

Notes for transferring doctors

An indication with detailed clinical information about the patient are essential for high-quality and individualised examinations.

MRI, CT and laboratory:

Indications as e.g. the exclusion of tumors, inflammation or vascular pathologies by MRI or CT often require the injection of an intravenous contrast medium. For these purposes the radiologist has to receive information about the kidney-function (current creatinine value, GFR). For a CT using intravenous contrast medium the current TSH value has to be known.

CT and metformin:

If a patient is diabetic the radiologist needs the information about the intake of metformin. We recommend the interruption 2 days before to 2 days after the injection of a CT contrast medium. We ask you to transmit the required and current laboratory values (creatinine, GFR as well as TSH and T3/T4).

MRT and external material:

Most of the materials like endo- or vascular implants are „MRI-fit“ and are noted in special ID cards, which the patients should show the radiologist before the exam.
There are absolute contra-indications for patients with an cardiac- or intestinal stimulator.
The individual decision for an MRI examinations of patients with implants is made by the radiologist.


Despite the extensions of our scan times a delay for MRI-appointments cannot be avoided.
Especially in cases with urgent clinical indication we attempt to shorten the delay. Don´t hesitate to contact us.
For conventional X-Ray no appointments is needed.