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Our patients should feel that they are in good hands with us. Therefore we offer professional medical care and pay attention to a friendly atmosphere at all locations.

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Radiological Group Practice Ibbenbüren - Lengerich was founded by Drs. Zoubi and Polewsky (I.R.) and inaugurated on 24.05.1993. Not only the increasing in the following years extension of the power spectrum of the practice, but also accesses the medical partner Dres. Leetz (1998), Moussa (2007), Nowicki (2009), T. Zoubi (2016) und R. Zoubi (2017) ensure optimal care for our patients.

With the continuous since May 2005. Participation in the mammography screening program as well as the cooperation with the Helios-Klinikum in Lengerich radiological joint practice operates even beyond the borders Ibbenbüren. At the center of all our efforts are our patients. We therefore ask you not to hesitate with your questions and your constructive criticism, so that we can always improve our patient care.


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